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with Cary Chow

A step x step game plan tailored for media professionals aiming to transition to corporate, featuring former ESPN/NBC anchor Cary Chow.

Your skills are unique.
Make sure employers understand. 

Why is this necessary?

Journalism isn't a job, it's an identity. As the media landscape evolves, many seasoned media professionals are considering career changes. But journalists face unique challenges when it comes to transitioning industries, and the tools available to help that process are woefully inadequate.


When I began my own transition journey, I consulted with several career transition services. None of them had any idea how to sell my journalism skills — instead shoehorning my experience into generic templates, stripping away my uniqueness. I couldn't land roles I was overqualified for.


It forced me to take a beginner's mindset. I leaned on my professional network — gathering input from entrepreneurs, C-suite execs, even professional athletes. I reevaluated my approach, rebuilt it with a corporate mentality, and landed the job I sought.

Now I'm sharing what I learned. Don't suffer the same pratfalls. From tactical to mental strategy, this is how to win your transition game.

My Approach


The Mental Game

Wooden Surface

The Physical Tools

Colorful Lights


Journalism occupies more self identity than many careers. Are you truly ready to switch? 

From strategic networking to tailoring resumes to purposeful job hunting, learn to be efficient with your time and energy. 

Corporations can speak a different language than journalists. Become fluent in the language that resonates most with hiring managers.


From coaching your mental strategy to targeted job searching, we create a customized game plan to assist your transition, including:

  • Resume Building 

  • Interview Coaching

  • Networking Support

  • Job Search Strategies

  • Personal Branding

  • LinkedIn Optimization

About Cary

The Career After the Dream Job

Cary Chow is an award-winning, multi-platform journalist, who's journalism career spanned nearly two decades. He's anchored, reported, and produced for national TV networks and affiliates (ESPN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, FOX); as well as written for major publications like The Washington Post and Disney's Andscape, where he wrote regular commentaries on race and culture.

A trailblazing Asian American journalist, Cary is one of the first Chinese Americans to anchor at a national sports network. At ESPN, he hosted various shows, including SportsCenter, which averages 115-million monthly viewers. He also helped launch the 1st national network sports podcast hosted by all Asian Americans.

A passionate advocate for representation, Cary consulted a Fortune 500 company on inclusion programs; and directed a mentorship network to increase diversity in the sports industry.

Cary currently works for a Fortune 150 company that utilizes his various communication skills. He's happy to have weekends off and enjoys using vacation days without any guilt.

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