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About Cary

The Career After the Dream Job

Cary Chow is an award-winning, multi-platform journalist, who's journalism career spanned nearly two decades. He's anchored, reported, and produced for national TV networks and affiliates (ESPN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, FOX); as well as written for major publications like The Washington Post and Disney's Andscape, where he wrote regular commentaries on race and culture.

A trailblazing Asian American journalist, Cary is one of the first Chinese Americans to anchor at a national sports network. At ESPN, he hosted various shows, including SportsCenter, which averages 115-million monthly viewers. He also helped launch the 1st national network sports podcast hosted by all Asian Americans.

A passionate advocate for representation, Cary consulted a Fortune 500 company on inclusion programs, and directed a mentorship network to increase diversity in the sports industry.

Cary currently works for a Fortune 150 company that utilizes his various communication skills. He's happy to have weekends off and enjoys using vacation days without any guilt.

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